I Believe In Stories
Welcome to my corner of the world. I love a good story, whether I’m living one, reading one, sharing one, or writing one.

Here are a few of the things you may know me for:
I’m An Entertainment Copywriter and Story Consultant
I create fresh, engaging titles, tag lines, copy, language effects, and story concepts for the entertainment industry.
I’m A Brand Strategist and Naming Consultant
I create rich, meaningful, culturally-relevant strategies, stories, names, tag lines, and copy for leading brands worldwide.
I’m An Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Linguist, and Mythologist
I’m a full-fledged, UCLA-trained, all-but-dissertation specialist in the Indo-European and Malayo-Polynesian language families.
I’m A Writer
I’m the translator and editor of the Earthy Language cycle, a set of epic novels set in the Earth’s past, present, and future.
I’m A Husband and Father
I’m the happy husband of my beautiful wife and the proud father of my three very interesting sons. The rest of my life pales by comparison!