I Believe In Stories
Welcome to my corner of the world. I love a good story, whether I’m living one, reading one, sharing one, or writing one.

Here are a few of the things you may know me for:
I’m An Entertainment Copywriter and Story Consultant
I create fresh, engaging titles, tag lines, copy, language effects, and story concepts for the entertainment industry.
I’m A Brand Strategist and Naming Consultant
I create rich, meaningful, culturally-relevant strategies, stories, names, tag lines, and copy for leading brands worldwide.
I’m An Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Linguist, and Mythologist
I’m a full-fledged, UCLA-trained, all-but-dissertation specialist in the Indo-European and Malayo-Polynesian language families.
I’m A Writer
I’m the translator and editor of the Earthy Language cycle, a set of epic novels set in the Earth’s past, present, and future.
I’m A Husband and Father
I’m the happy husband of my beautiful wife and the proud father of my three very interesting sons. The rest of my life pales by comparison!

Eliot Pattison


  • Inspector Shan 01 | The Skull Mantra
  • Inspector Shan 02 | Water Touching Stone
  • Inspector Shan 03 | Bone Mountain
  • Inspector Shan 04 | Beautiful Ghosts
  • Inspector Shan 05 | Prayer Of The Dragon
  • Inspector Shan 06 | The Lord Of Death


Daniel Silva


  • Gabriel Allon 01 | The Kill Artist
  • Gabriel Allon 02 | The English Assassin
  • Gabriel Allon 03 | The Confessor
  • Gabriel Allon 04 | A Death in Vienna
  • Gabriel Allon 05 | Prince of Fire
  • Gabriel Allon 06 | The Messenger
  • Gabriel Allon 07 | The Secret Servant
  • Gabriel Allon 08 | Moscow Rules
  • Gabriel Allon 09 | The Defector
  • Gabriel Allon 10 | The Rembrandt Affair
  • Gabriel Allon 11 | Portrait of a Spy



Barry Eisler


  • John Rain 01 | Rain Fall
  • John Rain 02 | Hard Rain AKA Blood From Blood
  • John Rain 03 | Rain Storm AKA Choke Point
  • John Rain 04 | Killing Rain AKA One Last Kill
  • John Rain 05 | The Last Assassin
  • John Rain 06 | Requiem For An Assassin
  • John Rain 07 | The Detachment*


Laura Joh Rowland


  • Shinju
  • Bundori
  • The Way of the Traitor
  • The Concubine’s Tattoo
  • The Samurai’s Wife
  • Black Lotus
  • The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria
  • The Dragon King’s Palace
  • The Perfumed Sleeve
  • The Assassin’s Touch
  • The Red Chrysanthemum
  • The Snow Empress
  • The Fire Kimono
  • The Cloud Pavilion
  • The Ronin’s Mistress


Jerry Buss On The Lakers

Jerry Buss on the Lakers and Los Angeles:

“One of the first things I tried to do when I bought the team was to make it an identification for this city, like Motown in Detroit,” he says. “I try to keep that identification alive. I’m a real Angeleno. I want us to be part of the community.”

“Los Angeles is about diversity, and so are the Lakers,” he says.

Los Angeles Times

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